Bitdefender Login

How do I create a Bitdefender account?  You can manage your Bitdefender subscriptions, buy new products, activate your product, view your order history and the latest offers after you have created an account, as well as create an account for  Bitdefender login  .  Therefore, follow the detailed procedure below to create an account. First open a web browser, e.g.  Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc. on your system.  Now  type  in the address at the top of your screen.  Then press the Enter key on your keyboard. It will take you to a new  window - Welcome  to Bitdefender Central.  Click the Create Account tab, located in the top right corner of the window. Then the window “Account creation” appears;  on your screen and now you have to provide all the necessary information. Enter your full name in the first field. Then enter a valid email address to receive important emails from Bitdefender To go further, you need to create a strong password